Ergonomic mouse

Ergonomic mouse

  • Delux M618 Plus vertical 2.4G wireless mouse,no light,6 buttons,800/1000/1600 DPI,Size: 150*95*99mm,Weight: 210g;Powered by 1*AA Battery(not included)【Note: Usb Receiver near the battery slot and built in the mouse】
  • The M618 Plus ergonomic vertical mouse is shaped in a way of the position of your arm. It keeps the user’s hand in an upright neutral posture£¬reduces forearm twisting, elbow stiffness and hand weakness so provides better comfort and relieving wrist pain
  • The wrist support eases pain and fatigue associated with using a mouse for a prolonged period of time. The wrist support is removable for convenience. The mouse is skid resistant and sweat resistant.
  • With curved mouse ring design,contoured to hand in most natural state,to reduce hand fatigue;Plug and play, no driver needed;More than 5 million mouse click lifetime, durable and practical
  • 3 adjustable DPI easily change the cursor’s sensitivity to meet your multiple needs, either for daily work or gaming(Warranty: 18months)

Wireless mouse, convenient and easy to take outside. The product is Authentic and produced by Delux. The production serial number can be viewed at the bottom of the mouse.

Anti-slide striation surface design for comfortable feel and precise position.

The special ergonomic design gives you a marvelous experience while gaming. Excellent stability, rich light efficiency.

Wrist support to give you an amazing feeling in games. The wrist support is removable, easy and convenient to use. It helps to reduce the pressure and pain caused by the mouse on the wrist.

High precision two-way mouse wheel with right and left button on the side. Forward and backward buttons for convenient and easy thumb control.

All buttons are easily operated without contorting your fingers. Plug and play directly, easy operation.

►Brand name: Delux►Material: ABS

►Type:M618 plus wireless mouse (no LED light)

►Size: 150*95*99mm► Weight: 210g

►Color: Black Button: 6 ►DPI: 800/1000/1600

►Operating Voltage: 5V ►Operating Current: <21mA

►Battery: Powered by 1*AA Battery(not included)

►Time of endurance: 6 months(5h per day)

►Free air: 10m Sensor Technology: Optical

Package included:

1 x Wireless Vertical Mouse
【Note: Usb Receiver near the battery slot and built in the mouse】